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Yoyogi Keita (代々木圭太?) was a special character from Majisuka Gakuen 3, who taught Paru how to find her "seriousness". He appeared only in flashbacks, but was an integral part of the story intertwining Paru, Miyu, and eventually Peace.

Fictional Biography


It was not disclosed how, but Keita knew Miyu before he even met Paru. The two had become so close that he treated Miyu like his own sister, which Miyu mistook for something else. Upon realizing that Miyu got involved with Prison HOPE, he tried his best to get her out of the facility.


As he was looking into Prison HOPE's background, Keita met Paru as the girl fought a number of men.


After receiving a call from Miyu, Keita went to convince her in stopping her involvement with Prison HOPE, assuring her that he'll help and protect her. He was then stabbed by the girl who ran away in shock. Whan Paru (who was looking for him) arrived, Keita asked her to take care of Miyu for him. Keita then saw Peace's silhouette striking down Paru. He was then left there afterwards to bleed to his death.

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