Yoga (ヨガ?), real name Iriyama Anna (入山杏奈?)[1], is a character in Majisuka Gakuen 4 and 5. She is one of of Rappapa's Four Heavenly Queens in the fourth to sixth seasons. On the sixth season, she took on the genji name Iruka (イルカ?) when she helped her fellow Majijo students in their Cabaret Club Project.


As a student of Majisuka Jyogakuen, Yoga wears a more recent issue of Majijo's seifuku. As a member of Rappapa's Four Heavenly Queens, she wears a purple jersey jacket with silver sleeves.[2] Her jacket has a printed image of a dragon and a leopard, both on the front (separately) and back (together, fighting each other) of the jacket. She also wears a leather girdle around her waist, and a pair of leather gloves. Although Yoga appears calm and fragile, she is a brutal fighter.


Although she has a calm image, Yoga is the most possessive of the Queens. She badly wants badly to be acknowledged by Salt as a worthy member of the gang. Her contention as Salt's underling was also her weakness, which Sakura revealed to her in their fight.

Fighting Style

Yoga's fighting style incorporates a combination of "yoga" and soft martial arts. She has the ability to avoid weak blows and counter attack using momentum from the dodge. Yoga usually avoid places with a bad atmosphere, and stays in areas where she can meditate.

Majisuka Gakuen 4

Majisuka Gakuen 5

Cabasuka Gakuen


  • It was unknown why Iriyama Anna got to be named Yoga, as even her actress was surprised as she claimed (and showed) that she wasn't that flexible[3]. It is possible that it was only given to her due to the image/aura that she exudes.
    • Just as "yoga" is associated with "flexibility", Yoga's actress was also known as one of AKB48 Group's flexible (versatile) member, having appeared on several TV Shows, Dramas, and Movie.
  • Yoga's actress previously portrayed An'nin, a character from the 3rd Season, and Anna, one of Nakamata's generals in the 2nd Season.


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