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Tsu No Ji Rengou
Tsu No Ji Rengou

Series: Majisuka Gakuen

School: Majisuka Jyogakuen

First Appearance: TBA

Last Appearance: Without realizing the youth

Members: Center
Team Fondue
Team Under
Golden Eyebrow Society
Various Majijo gangs

"Carrying out a revolution at Majijo, looking for people who are unsatisfied with Rappapa. Crush them! Social upheaval! We'll win! We should take the top from them! Rally!"
―The Rebellion(src)

Tsu No Ji Rengou (つの字連合, Tsu No Ji Rengō?), or the Tsu Union, was an alliance of Majisuka Jyogakuen students formed by Nezumi. The purpose of the alliance was to overthrow the new Rappapa. The Tsu Union was almost a mimicry of the Maeda Gundan. While Nezumi was the mastermind behind this society and formulated a plan to organize the yankees, only the presence of Center kept the members obedient. The Tsu Union ceased to function after Yabakune declared war on Majijo. While Nezumi attempted to reform the society, the few members who came refused to be loyal to the union, claiming they only followed her because of Center. When Center joined Rappapa in the war against Yabakune's Allied Force, the union members followed her.

Because the Maeda Gundan is considered weaker than Yuko's Rappapa (with Yuko's strength considered at an unmeasurable rate), Nezumi estimated their strength based on past data (with Atsuko, Otabe and Gekikara at the highest ranks), she concluded that a revolution could easily overthrow the new Rappapa by just using the grunts of Majijo.

Due to the new Rappapa to be expected to graduate that year, Atsuko passed the torch to Center and Nezumi by saying "You're already at the top.", making them the next President and Vice-President of the following year's Rappapa.

Notable members

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  • Nezumi (creator of the union) 
  • Center (the acknowledged leader)

Union members:


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