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Peace (ピース?), prisoner No. C-0301, is a primary character in Majisuka Gakuen 3. She is known as the member of Team Habu in charge of procurement. She is portrayed by Kizaki Yuria.

Fictional Biography

It's Also Serious Here

Peace first appeared when Paru tried to escape Prison HOPE. Before she could warn her, they were interrupted by The Warden, who revealed that their bracelets would release a deadly toxin if they ever tried to cross the border.

After getting some stuff for her team, Peace returned to their meeting quarters to find the other members with Paru. After warning them about their new guest, she distracted them with her acquired items while she introduced herself and the facility to Paru.


  • The etymology of her name, Peace (ピース?), came from her actress' own catchphrase.
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