Ookabuki (大歌舞伎,, Big Kabuki?) was a primary character in Majisuka Gakuen and Majisuka Gakuen 2. She was the "big" sister (leader) of the Kabuki Sisters and became one of the Four Queens of the new Rappapa as a pair.

Appearance and Personality

Ookabuki was stronger and more skilled than her "younger" sister Kokabuki at fighting. She also had a unique theatrical fighting style. Ookabuki's special move was a straight hand strike, which she used successfully in her fights against both Atsuko and Shibuya. When the two didn't fight in a pair, Ookabuki took the lead and Kokabuki acted like a commentator and observer.

Ookabuki wore a Majisuka Gakuen uniform, with a long skirt that went down to her ankles. A silk kimono with a purple pattern was tied around her waist. Her hair was dark brown with bangs, with half of her hair tied by hairbands in two ponytails. There was a blue pattern on the right side of Ookabuki's face, with her eyebrow also painted blue. She wore gold jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelets, and a pinky ring. In Majisuka Gakuen 2, her hair was a lighter shade of brown.

Fictional Biography

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