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Nantene (なんてね?), prisoner No. C-0262, is a primary character in Majisuka Gakuen 3. She is the most childish in Team Habu, and always carries a puppet named Sally (サリー?)[1] that she uses as her spokesperson. She is portrayed by Kimoto Kanon.


Nantene has a childish personality, and is often seen playing with Sally. What makes her dangerous is that one can't tell if she's really telling the truth or otherwise. She was given the name "Nantene" because of her habitual use of the phrase "nante ne" (なんてね just kidding!?). Her favorite Team Habu member is Nanashi, which is also her cellmate, because she likes her smile, especially when she supposedly writes to her parents.


  1. マジすか3(花・з・)~♪ Kimoto Kanon's SKE48 Ameba Blog Entry on her Birthday (2012).
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