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"Grunts have their own way of getting things done!"
―Miso's words to Shibuya after stabbing Gekikara.[Majisuka Gakuen (src)]

Miso (ミソ?) was a first year Yabakune student, and a one-time antagonist exclusively in Majisuka Gakuen 2.

Appearance and Personality

Miso wore a black Habu jacket over her Yabakune uniform, along with several pieces of jewelry. Her accessories included by a purple necklace shaped like a pair of handcuffs, and silver cuff earrings. She had a green streak in her hair, and eyeliner drawn on only one eye. In her appearance at the hospital, she wore a pair of pajamas and no makeup. She seemed to enjoy violence and tricks, as she pretended to stab Shibuya even when she had nothing to use. Miso also was unaffected by Shibuya's retaliating punch, just laughing about her attack on Gekikara.

Majisuka Gakuen 2

Miso was the one responsible for Gekikara's nearly-fatal injury. While the Queen was with Gakuran and Shaku at a hospital, the Yabakune student stabbed with her in the stomach with a knife. Shaku saw Miso pass by, without knowing what the latter had done. By the time Shaku discovered Gekikara's injury, Miso had already left the hospital, skipping happily. Miso was confronted by the angry Shibuya, who claimed that fights should be fought with fists rather then weapons. In return, Miso accused Shibuya of not knowing how Yabakune works, and being a poor leader. Later she turned herself over to the police, saying that what happened was just a joke that she though of at the time.


Majisuka Gakuen 2


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