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Messhi (メッシ?), No. E-0288, is a member of Team Mongoose. She is known as "the Genius girl who always sees it through the end". She is portrayed by Takahashi Juri.


Messhi shares a personality similar to certain characters from the first two seasons. Like Nezumi, she is seen as intelligent and manipulative, but can also be sadistic and cruel like Sado. When she becomes serious, she has a habit of taking her glasses off, similar to Atsuko. Her relationship with Yagi may be compared to the one between Yuko and Gekikara.

Fictional Biography

Before Majisuka Gakuen 3

It was not clear how Messhi tamed Yagi, nor was it stated if they met before or during their stay in Prison HOPE, but the duo became the trumps Team Mongoose uses to start a war "clean".

Messhi and Yagi (silhouette)

A Dozen Tears

Messhi first appeared when An'nin was punishing Bunker for her mistake. Her silhouette was seen holding Yagi's chain.


  • Messhi (目ッ死?) literally means "dead eyes", an expression which means "sharp-eyed".
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