"For the sake of Minami-chan as well, you have to be serious, you got me?"
―Yoshiro showing his seriousness as Atsuko's father.[Majisuka Gakuen (src)]

Maeda Yoshiro (前田芳郎?) is the geeky father of Maeda Atsuko. He was a leader of his schools Yankee gang in his school years, gaining the attention of the rivals Yuriko and Sachiko. He was portrayed by Komoto Masahiro.

Appearance and Personality

He appears like a normal everyday salaryman, but it has been shown that his daughter has inherited his "yankee inside a geeky shell" personality. Majisuka Jyogakuen's Principal Yuriko also said that Atsuko looks a lot like her father.


During one of Team Hormone's sessions, they discussed about an urban legend that the war between Majijo and Yabakune was caused when the top leaders of each Yankee groups fell in love for the same man. That legend may have come from the rivalry of Sachiko and Yuriko, who both fell in love with a Yankee from another school, Maeda Yoshiro. At some point in their past, both leaders dueled by a bicycle race towards a cesspool, with Yoshiro in the line, whoever stops closest to the cesspool wins. Sachiko won when she didn't use her brakes and jumped in. Moved by Sachiko's actions, Yoshiro proposed marriage to her.

After their daughter, Atsuko, lost her bestfriend and became traumatized by the event, Yoshiro and Sachiko were asked by Yuriko to allow Atsuko to enter Majijo. Whilst his wife was hesitant at first, he quickly agreed for unknown reasons.

Majisuka Gakuen

He works as a salaryman and is often seen only for a short time. He is constantly worried about their daughter after her bestfriend's death.


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