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"In order to get to the top, you need to have true friends."
―Sachiko's words to Atsuko after seeing how gloomy her daughter is.[Majisuka Gakuen (src)]

Maeda Sachiko (前田幸子?) is the Truck-Driving mother of Maeda Atsuko. She was a former leader of Yabakune's Yankees and was a love-rival of Nojima Yuriko for the affection of Atsuko's father, Maeda Yoshiro, in their generation. She was portrayed by Suzuki Sawa.


During one of Team Hormone's sessions, they discussed about an urban legend that the war between Majijo and Yabakune was caused when the top leaders of each Yankee groups fell in love for the same man. That legend may have come from the rivalry of Sachiko and Yuriko, who both fell in love with a Yankee from another school, Maeda Yoshiro. At some point in their past, both leaders dueled by a bicycle race towards a cesspool, with Yoshiro in the line, whoever stops closest to the cesspool wins. Sachiko won when she didn't use her brakes and jumped in. Moved by Sachiko's actions, Yoshiro proposed marriage to her.

After their daughter, Atsuko, lost her bestfriend and became traumatized by the event, Sachiko was asked by Yuriko, who was then the principal of Majisuka Jyogakuen, to allow Atsuko to enter Majijo. Hesitant as to why a former rival would want her daughter to enter their school, she apparently agreed for unknown reasons.

Majisuka Gakuen

Sachiko can only be seen on pictures or as silhouettes on earlier episodes until episode 4 when she returned home. When she arrived, she asked Atsuko to skip class for a while and spend a little time with them as it wasn't everyday that they see each other.

During their conversation, the irony of the fact that the mother was from Yabakune and the daughter is on Majijo was discussed. At first Sachiko was against Atsuko entering Rappapa, as Yuriko was it's leader in their time. But after seeing that Atsuko was still gloomy, she wants her to "take the top" of Majijo.


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