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This article is about a/an alliance from the Majisuka Gakuen and Majisuka Gakuen 2 series.
Maeda Gundan
Maeda Gundan

Series: Majisuka Gakuen

School: Majisuka Jyogakuen

First Appearance: In this world, there is nothing but seriousness!

Last Appearance: Without realizing the youth

Members: Maeda Atsuko
Onizuka Daruma
Kabuki Sisters
Team Hormone

"Maeda Gundan vs Rappapa, huh… Won't they collide on those small stairs?"
Nezumi in Majijo Teppen Blues.(src)

The Maeda Gundan (前田軍団, Maeda Alliance?) was a temporary alliance formed to help Maeda Atsuko battle Rappapa. They served as back-up in case any unexpected disadvantages occurred. The team's name was not officially declared by the alliance members, and was a term coined by Nezumi in her strategic calculations. They became the next generation Rappapa after the graduation of Oshima Yuko, who passed leadership to Atsuko. In the second season, Nezumi mimicked the group in the formation of her "powered-up" Nezumi Corps, which she called Tsu No Ji Rengou.

Notable Members

Supposed Leader:

Alliance Members:

  • Founders
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  • Gundan can also be translated as Corps, Army or Legion.
  • Nezumi only mentioned the term "Maeda Gundan" in Season 1, Episode 11's preview and in Majijo Teppen Blues.
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