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Jovijovich (ジョビジョビッチ?), prisoner No. E-0295, is a primary character in Majisuka Gakuen 3. She is Team Mongoose's member who has a unique presence and speaks mostly in Russian, which Sudachi always tries to translate. She is portrayed by Murashige Anna.


  • Jovijovich's actress, Murashige Anna, is the first member of HKT48 to appear in the series, not counting Sashihara Rino and Ota Aika, since both members were still AKB48 members during the time they were in the first twi series.


Jovijovich is a mysterious figure in Team Mongoose's ranks since she was never seen fighting prior to their rebellion in the last episode. Although mostly speaks in Russian, she is Japanese, and was speaking Nihongo (日本語?) when she grew tired of Sudachi's failed attempts in translating what she says.

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