Hadashi No Kai

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This article is about a/an team from the Majisuka Gakuen 2 series. For the team from Majisuka Gakuen 3, see Team Habu.
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The symbol of Habu on Shibuya's jacket.

If you don't use the arches of your feet, you won't be healthy!Sanshoku to her senpais.

Hadashi no Kai (裸足の会, Barefoot Society?), also known as Habu (ハブ, Habu?), was a gang founded by the Ex-Rappapa Queen Shibuya when she entered Yabakune Joshishogo Koko. The hierarchy of the gang was (possibly intentionally) similar to the Rappapa from Majisuka Jyogakuen. Like Tsu No Ji Rengou, Habu recruited most of the other students in Yabakune.

It is possible that Yabkune had continued using Hadashi no Kai as an organization name for their school, as next generation students were also seen to wear the organization symbol.


Majisuka Gakuen 2

Shibuya (center) and the Four Generals take over Yabakune.
Leader: Shibuya

Four Habu Generals:

  • Comeback (カムバック, Kamubakku)
  • Mayuge (まゆげ, Mayuge)
  • Sanshoku (3色, San-shoku)
  • Mariyagi (まりやぎ, Mariyagi)

Sanshou Sisters' Twin Blades:

  • Myao
  • Lovetan

Other Notable Members:

3rd Year
  • Sanae - Was one of the previous leader's attendants. Similarly to Gekikara, she didn't graduate and was held back for another school year.
  • Chiharu - Was one of the previous leader's attendants.
  • Janken - Was possibly one of the previous leader's attendants, but was not present in season 1.
2nd Year
  • Dance - Shibuya's personal retainer. Transferred to Yabakune to be with Shibuya.
  • Chisato
  • Mariya
  • Rina
1st Year
  • Miso - Seriously wounded Gekikara at the hospital by stabbing her.

Possible members from Majisuka Gakuen 4

MG4 Hadashi no Kai.png
Gekkou, Tsun and Rookie wearing the Hadashi no Kai symbol
Second Year


Habu (波布) is a Japanese name used to refer to certain venomous snakes. Shibuya, as Habu's leader, has a symbol of a snake around a rose and is crossed by a dagger on the back of her jacket.
    • The four generals and other members wear jackets that have a serpent behind a J at their sides of the sleeves.
  • "Habu" (HaBu) is an abbreviation of "Hadashi no Kai" by changing "Kai" (会, Society) with its synonym "Bu" (部, Club).
    • In
Takahashi Minami's interview of season 2's actresses, they discussed that the name might have come from the shop where they bought their hair accessories (HAB).
  • The trademark of the gang, as indicated by their name, is taking the shoes of their victims. In episode 2, Oshima Yuka and Yuki refer to Yabakune's attacks on Majijo students as a "shoe hunt".
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