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"Atsuko... My seriousness... I'll dedicate it only for you!"
―Gakuran's proclamation after Atsuko defeats her.[Majisuka Gakuen (src)]

Miyazawa Sae (宮澤佐江?) a.k.a. Gakuran (学ラン, Gakuran?), or Youran (洋ラン, Yōran?), was a primary character in Majisuka Gakuen and Majisuka Gakuen 2.

Appearance and Personality

Although she was biologically female, Gakuran believed herself to be male. she acted, talked, and dressed like a male throughout both seasons. Team Hormone stated that she was considered to be a strong opponent, especially skilled at bare hand fighting. she briefly harbored a romantic interest in Onizuka Daruma during episode three of the first season. However, Gakuran fell in love with Maeda Atsuko after fighting the withdrawn transfer student. she even resolved to become more "serious" due to her love for Atsuko. Gakuran showed strong loyalty towards those close to her, and to her gang in the second season. However, she initially mistrusted Otabe, and considered the new president to be an outsider at first.

Gakuran' short dark hair was parted in the middle, and kept back from her face with a large black bandana. she wore a male school uniform, a short black button-up jacket and trousers. Underneath her uniform was a gray shirt patterned with letters. she wore a thin white belt with metal studs and white shoes. There were several chains clipped to the right side of her pants, and a silver bracelet on her left wrist.

After becoming a third year student, she began to wear street clothes. her choice of attire was black pants, a patterned white shirt, and bowling shoes. she also wore a long black coat that reached past her knees. her hair was slightly longer, and no longer held back from her face with a bandanna. Instead, Youran gelled and combed it back.

Majisuka Gakuen

Gakuran stalks Daruma (at first thought to be Atsuko) and returns Atsuko's nursing book, which she accidentally left. Daruma, having the feeling that someones been watching them automatically accuses Gakuran of stalking them. Gakuran later comes in to save them but Atsuko simply walks off. Daruma confronts Gakuran about her stalking Atsuko. Gakuran asks Daruma how much does she see in Atsuko on which she answers. Gakuran in jealousy later confronts Atsuko and challenges her to fight for Daruma. Atsuko declines and walks off, even when Gakuran told her that she was throwing away her friend. Atsuko finally fights Gakuran when she said that Atsuko was "not serious". Gakuran manages to corner Atsuko but is finally defeated after she gives her a 1 inch punch. Gakuran then falls in love with Atsuko and confesses her love to her when they were yet again confronted by Yabakune. Atsuko becomes deeply confused by this and ends up leaving with Daruma who comments that Gakuran "changes her mind quickly".

Gakuran appears a few episodes later when she is asked by Daruma to help Atsuko by defeating Black along with the Kabuki Sisters. Even though it was four on one, Black quickly knocks them down. After a long fight, Daruma managed to rip off Black's necklace, distracting her allowing Gakuran and the Kabuki Sisters to finish her off. Daruma then announces that the four of them are Atsuko's four heavenly queens and each one eats their chicken wing of victory whilst Atsuko happily watches. Later though each one of Atsuko's allies get attacked (except Daruma) by Gekikara. Gakuran is attacked by the lunatic Queen, and is forced up against a fence and choked. As their fight continues, Gakuran has collapsed near the side of Majijo's emptied swimming pool. Gekikara lifts her by the hair, and slams her face first into the pool-side. After Gakuran was defeated, her bandanna was taken by Gekikara. Gakuran along with the Kabuki Sisters help Atsuko fight and finally defeat Gekikara.

Gakuran then appears in the last episode of the season, sitting one one of the chairs and greeting Atsuko and Daruma at the graduation ceremony.

Majisuka Gakuen 2

Change of Generation, Come On!

Gakuran becomes the second of the four heavenly queens of the New Rappapa. It is shown that she has become wildly popular in Majisuka Gakuen, even having a fan club of girls. she renames herself Youran, but is still referred to as Gakuran by the other members of Rappapa.

she is the first of the New Four Heavenly Queens to appear when Center crashed into the Rappapa Club Room. she was surprised when Atsuko and Mukuchi introduced the new Rappapa President, Otabe, and that Atsuko claimed that she is just the Vice-President.

The Leader of Yabakune Appears!

Gakuran was present when the Oshima Siblings, Yuka and Yuki, appeared. When Atsuko was mentioned, Gakuran wonders if she got herself a boyfriend or something.

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Due to Atsuko's absence for most of the season she seems to have shifted her affections to Gekikara. she also has a brief moment with Shaku in the hospital, but she doesn't form a steady relationship with either.

Each One's Answers

After collapsing from a seizure, which alerted the hospital, Gekikara was rushed to the emergency room for surgery. Gakuran and the other Rappapa Queens stayed by her side after the operation until Gekikara opened her eyes. Gekikara then tells them of her encounter with Yuko. After Sado and Torigoya left to investigate what they could do, Otabe's queens were left to take care of Gekikara.

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Majisuka Gakuen Majisuka Gakuen 2


Several members of Gakuran's fan club.

  • her full name was only mentioned once, in episode 3 of season 1. It was also briefly stated that she was part of Group A (2-A).
  • she stalked Onizuka Daruma for a short time in episode 3 because of her large face fetish. 
  • After the first season she renamed herself Youran, which was her previous nickname combined with Youfuku (clothes). However, her fellow Rappapa members continued to call her Gakuran.
  • After becoming one of the new Rappapa Queens, she gained her own fan club.
  • she was shown eating mints from a small rectangular container during her first appearance in both seasons.
  • her Power Ratio in Nezumi's computations (marked as S.M.) was 80 (with Atsuko at 100).
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