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Four Habu Generals
Four Habu Generals

Series: Majisuka Gakuen 2

School: Yabakune Joshishogo Koko

First Appearance: Change of Generation, Come On!

Last Appearance: The Leader of Yabakune Appears!

Members: Comeback

"The time of the senority rule is over!"
―Comeback threatening her Yabakune seniors.(src)

The Four Habu Generals, also known as the Habu Four, was a group of second year Yabakune students. They were the strongest members of the Yabakune gang Hadashi no Kai (shortened as Habu), aside from the leader Shibuya.

Majisuka Gakuen 2

The Habu Four first appear confronting Bungee of Team Hormone as she was rushing over to school late. Their identities remain unrevealed, but it is later shown that they have beaten Bungee and taken her shoes.

After defeating their first victim, the group is seen walking through the halls of Yabakune. The Habu Four enter the clubhouse where three seniors (Sanae, Chiharu, and Janken) are, and announce that Hadashi no Kai will be taking control of the school. After introducing themselves in turn, the four attack Sanae and Chiharu. Beating them easily and taking their shoes, they turn to confront Janken. When Shibuya suddenly appears inside the clubhouse, Comeback reveals that the former Queen is the leader of Habu.

Members of the Habu Four

Comeback Mayuge Sanshoku Mariyagi
Comeback Mayuge Sanshoku Mariyagi

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Majisuka Gakuen 2


  • Kikuchi debuted in December 2006 as part of AKB48's third generation. She was a popular member of the original Team B before being fired due to a scandal in August 2008. However, she auditioned again that same year, and rejoined the group as a Kenkyuusei. Kikuchi was promoted to Team K in August 2009, becoming a fully fledged member of AKB48 once again.[1] This return was mirrored in the story of the character, as Comeback had reentered Yabakune after being expelled.
  • Mayuge means "eyebrow" in Japanese. Maeda Ami is known for her distinctive eyebrows, which she also considers her "charm point".[2]
  • One of Nagao Mariya's real life nicknames is Mariyagi.[3]
  • Sanshoku means "three colors".
  • Each of the four characters have a catchphrase related to their nickname, which they use to introduce themselves.
    • Comeback - "I came back from the bottom of hell."
    • Mayuge - "Naturally born. Mayuge~bon!"
    • Mariyagi - "Goat without honor."
    • Sanshoku - "Blue paper, red paper, yellow paper."[4]


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