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This is a list of students known to have attended Majisuka Jyogakuen (Majisuka Girls High School). Some of the minor characters in season 1 were portrayed by members of AKB48. Several of the background actresses present in the first season portrayed Yabakune students in the second season. Others were given roles in the main cast as different characters.

Other Students

Students present in the graduation scene

MajisukaGakuen GraduationCast BeforeShooting

AKB48 (without Takahashi Minami) in episode 12 of season 1

MajisukaGakuen Miki OyaShizuka

Oya Shizuka as Miki

MajisukaGakuen YuiAndMina GraduationScene

Oba Mina, Yokoyama Yui and Mori Anna

Main characters

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